The Chipophone. The what!?

Wow, two posts in one night!  Actually, the only reason I’m posting anything is because I wanted to post something about the Chipophone, and I got distracted writing about Macs and stuff.

I came across a mention the other week about yet another insanely talented person doing some wicked retro-related work, this time shoe-horning an 8-bit synthesizer inside an old organ case.  I guess shoe-horning isn’t quite the right word as I’m sure there was a lot of empty space after removing all the discrete circuitry, but still …

This guy is seriously awesome – we are talking a full synthesizer hooked up to the keyboard (both of them) AND the pedals, complete with a sequencer, and not only that, he can actually play the damn thing, not just peck at the keys!

Once again I am in awe at the talent of some of the people out there.  Having just suffered a Federal election here with two dead-duck parties of self-serving imbeciles, it is gratifying to know that at least one person has a spark of something greater than just themselves.

Watching him play some old computer game tunes, complete with percussion from the pedals, is just too much brilliance for this poor soul … to echo the words of one poster on his website: may he live for a thousand years!

May retro computer games and music live a thousand years …


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