More 1% finished shit

As promised mere minutes ago, I have a few more half-baked ideas ready to foist upon the unsuspecting world.

I should have made it clearer that all these were dreamed up in the depths of time – between 1986 to 1991 or so I reckon.  That will at least give me some leeway when it comes to explaining why they are hand drawn and not full 3D models.

So as you can see, I had a book which was clearly character focussed.  I think the bit at the bottom was supposed to represent the lava tunnels or whatever the hell they were of Rygar.  Damn that was a wicked game.  Don’t be fooled by all the videos on YouTube; they are all weird-arse versions.  Go to this link and check out the original arcade game complete with sweet atmospheric music (and a bass line that I’m totally going to use one day).  The fact that it morphs into some sort of hacked version isn’t too bad, as the soundtrack also turns into some banging 303 mayhem.  The ironic thing is that the 303 pre-dates many of these games.  If only pioneers like DJ Pierre and Armando turned their skillz to computer game sound-tracks …

So here we have some designs for some sort of shoot ’em up.  I still tried to work within a limited colour palette, but these sprites would have been pretty large for any 8 bit machine of the era.

More shoot ’em up material, this time modelled on Gradius I think.

Ahh, yes.  The moai statue gives it away – must be Gradius.

Hmm, some power-ups for Gemini Wing plus some sort of character from Joust?

Moon Patrol?

Ok, so I must have run out of textas by now.  These icons were for a sort of role playing game with spells and weapons and such.

And now we come to the main characters.

It’s a tank, complete with 8 directions of movement.  There is only so much re-scaling and rotation you can do algorithmically within a 16×16 square with 8 colours.

Moving towards something more serious – trying to create some sort of GUI on the BBC.

Ditto for this – a font designer?  Pretty sure there wasn’t a standard font file format so of limited use unfortunately.

A further example of my GUI concept for the BBC, clearly borrowed from the RISC OS platform (which borrowed from an amalgamation of every other GUI in existence – although the ability to drag files between applications without the tedium of saving and loading them was unique as far as I know).  As always, if you can’t afford to buy one, build it instead …

I got a bit further with this ‘Mario Killer’ platform game.  I actually coded this up far enough that you could run and jump around a game level.  Nifty …

Notes on a game where you drive a tank around picking up weapons and blowing shit up.

Now this is different.  I was slightly into role-playing games and war games (sci-fi and fantasy ones only of course; in case my mum is reading), and combining that with a love of anime (long before I’d even heard the term) and robo-suits I came up with this.  It was great not having to worry about screen resolutions and pixels and just draw something.

I used to enjoy reading the Middle Earth Roleplaying game books (which were fantastic), as well as Role Master and the Star Wars roleplaying game.  As my wife reminds me, I spend a lot of time reading and not enough time doing, but it isn’t always that simple, especially if other people are involved.

Still, I’ve gotten back into my Fighting Fantasy books again but time isn’t on my side.  It isn’t like I can read a couple of pages before I go to bed.  I’ve reacquired the ‘Sorcery’ series again but like everything important to me, I’d want to give it my full attention.

How does one find the time to spend an hour of uninterrupted attention to devote to anything these days?  And by uninterrupted I don’t just mean that the phone doesn’t ring.  I mean no-one talks to me, no-one emails me, no-one rings me and I can’t hear anything that requires a response from me like a baby crying.

I miss being a kid/teenager and living at home.  I could close the door to my room in the evening and that was it – the rest of the world could get stuffed.

I love artists like Steve Roach, Robert Rich and Thom Brennan, but how do you appreciate a 20+ minute ambient soundscape with so much going around you?  I really miss having that time.  I might have to buy this to recreate the same feeling while taking the bus to work.  Not the same is it?

Ironically I now have all the trappings to enjoy it more than I could have dreamed before – a beautiful sound system, comfortable lounge room, stand-alone house where my ears will implode long before the neighbours complain about the noise and piles of CDs filling the walls.

But no time to enjoy it …




2 comments on “More 1% finished shit

  1. I was inspired by your BBC GUI concept so I had a bit of a play in basic and made a mock-up, maybe I’ll try and make it useful 🙂

    • patrickdubby says:

      Thanks Peter, it looks great.
      It is a real shame the BBC didn’t come with just a bit more memory. A fast processor and excellent BASIC support were let down by the fact that most of the available RAM was eaten up by the graphics.

      Something like this could have been workable with twice the RAM.

      Good luck!

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