You want to know about me? I’m a staunch member of that crusty group of hard done-by people known as ‘Generation X’.  I’m sure that will become obvious over time.

I care about the environment but drive a fairly thirsty 6 cylinder BMW.  I get away with it because I don’t drive it that much and prefer to walk (or so I tell myself).

I’m into computers but don’t consider myself a geek (or so I also tell myself).

I’m mad keen on electronic music whether it be house, ambient, IDM, drum & bass, minimalist, dance whatever.  In between I like to slip in some 80’s pop music and I keep coming back to my old prog rock classics.

I decided to start this blog as a way of sharing my rediscovery of the glory days of home computing – when 8 bits was king and the idea that it was even possible to ‘own and program your own computer’ was new and exciting.

So for anyone else who yearns for the days when a ‘virus’ was something you could prevent simply by covering your mouth when you coughed and the words ‘bootup’ and ‘wait’ were never needed in the same sentence, follow me, for at least as long as I go with this before sanity prevails …


3 comments on “About

  1. Tony Smith says:

    Hi, Patrick

    The Register, the UK’s biggest tech site, is running a piece next month about Acorn. You don’t mind if we use a couple of your BBC Micro pics, do you?

    Happy to make it clear they are yours, and include a link to your blog.


    Tony Smith,
    Reg Hardware

    Twitter: @HardRegTone @smittytone

  2. reuben says:

    from: Reuben

    Nice one Patty! yes good old home computing days where music, graphics and coding on 32K machines by on person.

    i still remember the bbc adsr pitch envolopes 4 channel sound, music 5000 addon, 8+8 colours. coupled 6502 assembler VDU commands. create your own sprites…wow, now that was fun!

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